Concrete Floor Repair

We repair damaged sub surfaces and concrete slabs for proper floor covering installation.

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Concrete Repair Brisbane

What is Concrete Repair

Is your Brisbane warehouse floor covered in cracks and holes caused by heavy forklifts or expansion joints? Is your driveway or patio cracking with vegetation starting to grow through the cracks?
If the answer is yes, then it's time to consider repairing your Brisbane concrete floors.
Concrete floor repair deals with cracks, blemishes and pop outs to improve aesthetics and prevent further damage to the floors. It focuses on the areas where the concrete has lost its ability to hold together.

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Why you should repair damaged concrete

Repairing your concrete slab in time is an affordable alternative, which can save you tons of money in the long run.

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Prevents Additional Damage

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A concrete slab that is in good condition resists most damage but it becomes weaker when it starts to break. If small cracks and holes are left untreated they can result in further damage to the floor and the building foundation. When the concrete has cracks this gives and entry way for water to seep in. When the temperature drops, the water can freeze, expanding the crack. It can also cause corrosion to the metal joints in the concrete and moisture issues in the foundations of your Brisbane property. Fixing the concrete in time, makes it much easier to keep it in good condition and reduces the need of expensive maintenance work.

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Reduces the risk of injury

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Damaged concrete is not only a nuisance, but it's also a health and safety hazard. Under the Australian WHS regulations, all businesses need to provide safe work environment, ensure safe use of machinery, provide and maintain safe structures and safe ways of working. Your industrial concrete floors play a vital part in keeping up with these regulations.
If your warehouse floor is cracked and filled with holes, this can cause trip hazards for your employees and customers, can cause damage to forklifts and truck and injuries to the people driving them. Heavy machinery can further damage and expand any existing cracks and ultimately damage the expansion joints.

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Saves Money

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Repairing your concrete floors is much cheaper than having to replace it. If the repairs are delayed for too long the entire structure will need to be replaced, because the damage is too expansive. This would be more expensive, take longer and cause more disruption to your business or daily life.

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Improves the appearance

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A cracked driveway or patio looks rundown and can have an effect on your overall property value. Properly eliminating the problem will not only improve the aesthetics of your home it will also be one less issue to worry about.

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Identifies Problems

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A quick repair session can identify underlying problems within the concrete slab and we will recommend the best way to fix these.
At Epoxy Flooring Redlands, we have experience working with concrete and identifying these problems by looking at the damage and tracing it back to the source.

Concrete Repair BrisbaneConcrete Repair Brisbane

ways to repair your brisbane concrete

There are many different ways concrete can be damaged such as: pop outs, delamination, cosmetic cracking, blemishes and static cracks. We assess the damage and recommend repairs based on the state of the concrete, the size and depth of any cracks and the area where the crack is located. Repairing a damaged driveway can differ from repairing a crack in a warehouse caused by heavy machinery.
We do variety of repairs, such as joint repair, pothole repair, crack injection and even trip hazard removal.

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Why not combine one of our floor finishes with your Brisbane concrete floor repair?

Durable, affordable, and decorative concrete coating
Durable, affordable, and decorative concrete coating
Durable, affordable, and one of a kind flooring
The industrial flooring solution
Creating industrial floors that meet Australia health and safety standards
Food grade flooring ideal for the Australian food industry

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With epoxy flooring, there isn't one size fits all. Different spaces require different flooring performance, like anti-slip, anti-microbial, impact and abrasion resistant, chemical resistant.

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