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Metallic Epoxy Flooring Brisbane

What Are metallic epoxy Floors?

Concrete on it's own is a very tough surface, but it's still prone to chipping, cracking and dusting. As it is a porous surface it is also prone to staining.
This is where metallic epoxy comes to the rescue. Not only does it have the durable and long lasting properties of epoxy, it also creates a stylish and unique look.
Metallic epoxy flooring is a multi layered system, that incorporates metallic pigments mixed with clear epoxy.
When the metallic pigments move through the epoxy while it cures, they create a desired lava flow or pearlescent design.
As the movement of the metallic pigments is always different, there are no two floors that look exactly the same.

Metallic epoxy floors are ideal for Brisbane residential and commercial properties that want a WOW factor.

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benefits of Metallic Epoxy

Metallic Epoxy Flooring is perfect for commercial and residential properties that want to stand out.

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We use high-performance epoxy products that are designed to protect your concrete floors from damage such as scratching or chipping and withstand heavy traffic over the years.

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Long Lasting

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When done properly metallic epoxy flooring can last 10+ years. At Epoxy Flooring Redlands we spend a lot of time making sure your concrete slab is properly prepared, before moving onto applying the metallic epoxy.

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Easy to clean

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Metallic epoxy is non-porous, making it extremely easy to clean. All you will need to keep your metallic floors clean is a damp microfiber mop and some mild cleaning detergent. As epoxy is seamless flooring with no gaps and crevasses, you will not need any harsh chemical cleaners to remove bacteria from the floor surface.

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Chemical and heat resistant

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Epoxy is known for its resistance to strong chemicals, making it ideal for use in commercial and industrial settings. You will not need to worry any more about oil or harsh cleaning chemicals damaging your floors.

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Unique 3D Look

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Metallic epoxy flooring is highly customisable. Choose metallic pigments that match your interior or brand image. When the pigments are mixed with clear epoxy, they move like a lava flow over your floor, creating highly unique patterns.
Metallic epoxy is also the cheapest way to imitate natural marble, granite, stone, wood or water.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring BrisbaneMetallic Epoxy Flooring Brisbane

how we Apply Metallic Epoxy

Without proper concrete slab preparation, your floor is destined to fail.
We spend a considerable amount of time mechanically grinding your floor until we remove all dirt/grime and achieve the correct concrete profile.
Once your concrete slab is clean and the pores are open, we move onto repairing any cracks and holes in the concrete.
Once we are happy with look of the concrete, we move onto applying a vapor barrier coat of epoxy primer.
If the surface is not properly sealed the first time, due to porous concrete, we apply a second coat of primer.
The third step is to apply a Metallic Self Level Basecoat. This is where the magic happens. We let the different metallic color pigments move freely on the surface. This is what makes every metallic floor unique.

The final step is to apply a clear polyurethane topcoat.

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Metallic Epoxy Projects Brisbane

Metallic Epoxy Flooring BrisbaneMetallic Epoxy Flooring BrisbaneMetallic Epoxy Flooring BrisbaneMetallic Epoxy Flooring BrisbaneMetallic Epoxy Flooring BrisbaneMetallic Epoxy Flooring BrisbaneMetallic Epoxy Flooring BrisbaneMetallic Epoxy Flooring Brisbane

Not sure if Metallic Epoxy is the right choice?

Epoxy Flooring Redlands specializes in variety of epoxy flooring finishes. If you don't think metallic epoxy is right for you, have a look at some of our other epoxy flooring systems.

Durable, affordable, and decorative concrete coating
Durable, affordable, and decorative concrete coating

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With epoxy flooring, there isn't one size fits all. Different spaces require different flooring performance, like anti-slip, anti-microbial, impact and abrasion resistant, chemical resistant.

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