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Quartz Shield Epoxy Flooring Brisbane

What is Quartz Shield Flooring?

The Quartz Shield flooring system is a mix of an advanced resin system and the finest uniformly shaped and sized quartz granules on earth.
This combination makes Quartz Shield exceptionally resilient to harsh chemicals and UV rays, while providing extreme durability and performance in the most demanding environments.
Quartz Shield comes in two systems Quartz Shield 25 and Quartz Shield 40.

Quartz Shield 25 is specifically designed and optimized for use in commercial and industrial environments where slip-resistance, hygiene and ease of maintenance is of the utmost importance.

Quartz Shield 40 on the other hand is designed for residential use, where slip-resistant coatings are required, without compromising a decorative and attractive finish.

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Quartz Shield Benefits

Whether you use it for your Brisbane home or business, quartz shield brings tons of benefits.

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Slip Resistant

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Both Quartz Shield 25 and Quartz Shield 40 use quartz as the slip-resistant additive as opposed to silica sand in traditional slip-resistant coatings. Both 25 and 40 offer varying levels of grit and different levels of slip-resistance, making it great for use in commercial kitchens, butchers, pool areas, outdoor entertainment areas, car parks and more.

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Excellent chemical resistance

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Thanks to its specially designed formula Quartz shield is resistant to many common chemicals such as cleaning agents, paint thinners, industrial detergents, Hydrochloric Acid and more. This makes Quartz Shield ideal for use in chemical/pharmaceutical industries, laboratories, manufacturing facilities and food processing facilities.

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Easy to Clean and Maintain

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Quartz Shield flooring repeals dirt and stains, making it really easy to clean. This makes it ideal for places that need to adhere to strict cleaning and sanitation regulations, such as the food and health care industry.

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Resin alone is extremely hard, but when combined with quartz it creates a thicker, stronger surface. The combination of both, makes Quartz Shield, not only decorative, but also extremely durable, abrasion, impact and scratch resistant with an extreme performance in the most demanding environments.

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Waterproof and Heat Resistant

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Water trapped underneath the floor is one of the main reasons for bacterial growth. With its waterproof properties, Quartz Shield repeals water, preventing it from soaking into the floor. If coving is incorporated into the floor, sealing the gap between the floor and the walls, then water will have no chance to get trapped.
Quartz Shield is designed to withstand up to 1700 degrees, before it starts to melt and turn into a rubber like texture. This is extremely important for areas around commercial ovens and factories that use high heat.

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How we Apply Quartz Shield

To ensure the durability and longevity of Quartz Shield, the most important part of the installation process is the floor preparation.
We start by mechanically grinding the floor, to remove all dirt, oil, stains, grime and loose particles.
We then repair all cracks and holes in the floor.
Once we are have turned the concrete floor into a fresh canvas, we apply a thin layer of primer coat.
When the primer coat is fully cured, we move onto applying the base layer and broadcasting the coloured quartz onto the floor.
When this is fully cured, we remove the excess quartz and seal the floor with a specially designed topcoat.
Your new Brisbane Quartz Shield floor will be ready to walk on 24 hours after the topcoat.

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Our Quartz Shield colours

quartz shield flooring Brisbanequartz shield flooring Brisbanequartz shield flooring Brisbanequartz shield flooring Brisbanequartz shield flooring Brisbane
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Durable, affordable, and decorative concrete coating

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